Writing Fellow at the New York Center for Book Arts



During the month of November I was lucky enough to be a fellow at the New York Center for Book Arts. I learned letterpress and bookmaking skills and hopefully I bring these new techniques to projects in the coming year. Barbara Henry, our teacher and master printer, was incredible and I hope to get back to the center soon!

European Graduate School– Session 1 Complete


My first session at EGS is complete. It didn’t start off easy, well, none of it was easy, but it became fun. Work becomes fun. This class, with Avital Ronell and Pierre Alferi was amazing. Then we posed for a picture trying to look angry.

Drunken Boat

I am thrilled to announce I am joining the editorial staff at Drunken Boat.  This is one of my favorite journals and I am looking forward to working with this amazing and talented group of people.  I’ll be editing translations and contributing here and there, making the world of literature a bit more diverse and international… New adventures for 2016.