Online Works

Excerpt of translation of Autoritratto by Carla Lonzi in Los Angeles Review of Books

Essay, Translation the Failing Test, in RUTH per NERO

Radio interview with NEU Radio

Radio interview with Stefano Pasquini, Radio Fukushima Bologna

Video Prose Poem on Autoritratto, winner Galleria Nazionale di Roma

Essay, Thinking in the Studio, NERO

Review of Suellen Rocca at Vienna Secession in FlashArt

Interview with Lisa Robertson about her novel The Baudelaire Fractal in BOMB

Review of Me & Other Writing by Marguerite Duras trans. Emma Ramadan and Olivia Baes

My poems translated into Italian by Giuseppe Nava, in Poesia de Nostro Tempo

Review of Laura Owen’s at Gavin Brown, Rome in FlashArt Italia

A Review of Keeping/ the window open by Rosmarie and Keith Waldrop from Wave Books over at Words Without Borders

A review of Josué Guébo’s book of poetry Think of Lampedusa translated by Todd Fredson in Tripwire

Translation of Leyla Khalil’s story  In a Land Strange to Us from Italianin The Literary Review

Essay, Translation and Poem in POEM UK, Routledge Press

Essay and Poems on Carol Rama and Sappho in Carla Lonzi Archive Anthology

Review of Subsister, Uljana Wolf and Sophie Seita in Tripwire

Poetry’s Intrinsic Ontology of Change on Language and Plasticity (essay) in Public Seminar

3 Poems for Carol Rama in Reality Beach

Review of Daren Bader at Museo Madre for BOMB

Interview with Artist Cleo Fariselli in Mousse

Review of MAGMA Women’s Art After 1969 in Italy and Lithuania in Mousse

Review of Michael Welsh When Wishes Are Horses Beggars Will Ride in Brooklyn Rail

Poems by Franca Mancinelli in Translation from Italian in Tupelo Quarterly

New Essay in Funhouse Magazine, Queer Silence, Medieval Romance (print) London

New Translations from Vito Bonito’s Soffiati via, in the Daily Gramma Poetry Press from Portland, Oregon

New Translations from Vito Bonito’s Soffiati via, in The University of Iowa– Exchanges

Essay in 3:AM Magazine, Flavio Favelli’s, Ghostly Objects, Alien Lives

Review/Essay in The Fanzine on Charlie Fox’s beautiful essay collection This Young Monster

Poetry: The Arrow Maker, Issue 2, London The Arrow Maker 2

Essay on Translation, Grief, Petrarch and My Mother in Electric Literature

Poetry: My Chapbook, Body to Mineral, from Publication Studio Vancouver

Essay in Funhouse Magazine, London, about Translation and Female Bodies

Essay in Electric Literature: The Pleasures of Influence: Escaping Ourselves, Dreaming Someone Else’s Dreams On translating Vito Bonito’s Soffiati via

Translations of Vito Bonito’s Poetry in The Brooklyn Rail

Poetry in Yo-New York!

In Words Without Borders an essay on voice, translation and ethics: The Many Voices of Lina Prosa’s “Lampedusa Snow”

Theater in Translation along with Nerina Cocchi of Lina Prosa’a Lampedusa Beach in Words Without Borders

A poetry publication in London’s Dead King Magazine

My story “Alone Time” in Montreal’s Cosmonaut Avenue

Translation of Davide Orecchio’s Ester Terracina in Lunch Ticket

Short Story: Six Incidents in Vermont at Metatron Montreal

Short Story: Hospice Care at tNY Press the Eeel

Short Story: Cat-Tail at Queen Mob’s Teahouse

Reviews and Essays as Contributing Editor at Queen Mob’s Teahouse

Translation of The Revindication of Matilde Famularo at The American Reader

Underknown Writers at The New Inquiry

The Diner Journal BK

The Milan Review

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