Nuovo Forno del Pane Logbook

Although our residency may now be over, we do have this beautiful logbook full of writing, photos, and other daily materials from our time living in the museum. Caterina Molteni wrote a lovely little essay about my work; there’s my essay first published in NERO editions about the studio space; and, there is an excerpt of Lisa Robertson’s The Baudelaire Fractal in Italian for the first time. You can even buy it online right here!

Poets in the Museum @MAMbo

Check out @MAMbo’s Instagram to see videos of me, Federica Scaringello, Eleonora Luccarini, Vito Bonito, Domenico Brancale, and Marilena Renda reading original work relating to works of art in the museum collection!

A project curated by me and Caterina Molteni in anticipation of #dearyou ❤

We had live readings for a series of Friday afternoons during that brief period when museums we opened again. Museum goers and poets shared words and excitement about poetry!

Suellen Rocca @ Vienna Secession

Sometimes you see a show you need just when you need it. Also I love Vienna and I’ll take any excuse to spend more time there, see friends and see art. Suellen Rocca ought to be a household name, I wrote about the last show she conceived before her recent passing this past spring in FlashArt International.